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Standardized testing is designed to serve the needs of all students by striving to improve the quality of instruction in a school. Both basic skills and aptitude tests are administered. The basic skills tests measure a student’s mastery of skills while the aptitude test seeks to measure the student’s capacity to acquire knowledge and skills. The following testing program is administered:

  • Early Prevention of School Failure
  • Cognitive Abilities Test
  • MAP Testing for all grades K-8
  • Ohio Writing Proficiency
  • ACRE- Assessment of Catechesis Religious Education


Catholic elementary schools within the Diocese of Cleveland have made changes to their testing programs and now administer the MAP test which reflects those changes in curriculum and instruction that place greater emphasis on problem-solving and critical thinking skills—the skills emphasized in career- and college-readiness.  The Catholic schools in the Diocese of Cleveland take great pride in preparing students to be faith-filled leaders as they move from school to college and the workforce.  It is our desire to ensure that we bring to fullness all the gifts and talents with which God has blessed your child.  Aligning our curriculum, assessments and instructional practices with the MAP tests is appropriate for our 21st century students. This test is used in many of the local school districts as well.

The MAP tests are given three times per year and allow teachers to see the areas where students are struggling or progressing and modify their lessons appropriately.