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Mater Dei Academy

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Spanish Third Grade – Eighth Grade

Spanish is available to students once or twice a week depending on grade level.


Grade 3: The focus is on building vocabulary and developing the basics in interpersonal communication using writing, music, and motions to learn the material.

Grade 4-5: The vocabulary is reinforced, and communication skills sharpened, while introducing some of the basic grammar concepts of the language and knowledge about the Spanish speaking countries.

Grade 6-8:

Students begin conjugating regular verbs in the present tense and progress to more difficult irregular verbs and other tenses.  Throughout the three years, students continue to build on their vocabulary while working on translating stories.  They learn to use possessives, to use comparative and superlative phrasing, to ask questions, and to carry on simple conversations.

Students participate in oral recitations and learn to recite common prayers in Spanish.