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Art is available to students once or twice a week depending on age group in the art room.

Kindergarten: Distinguish between common visual art forms representative of different religions, cultures and artists. Explore and experiment with a variety of art materials and tools for self-expression (e.g. drawings, paintings, ceramics).

Grade 1: Observe different styles of art from selected cultures and religions, and point out how artists use lines, shapes, colors and textures. Demonstrate beginning skills in the use of art materials and tools for creative expression and communication.

Grade 2: Identify, select, and use art elements and principles to express emotions and produce a variety of visual effects. Demonstrate increasing skill in the use of art tools and materials for creative expression and communication.

Grade 3: Identify and compare similar themes, subject matter, and images in artworks from religious, historical, and contemporary eras. Demonstrate skill and expression in the use of art techniques and processes.

Grades 4: Compare and contrast art forms from different cultures, religions, and their own heritage. Identify and select art materials, tools, and processes to achieve specific purposes in art work. Discuss their artworks in terms of line, shape, color, texture and composition.

Grade 5: Identify visual forms of expression found in different cultures and religions. Study history and a variety of cultures to discover how art forms have been transmitted from one generation to the next. Explore a wide variety of materials, techniques, and processes to create works of art.

Grade 6: Compare and contrast visual forms of expression found throughout different regions, religions, and cultures of the world. Show progression in the use of techniques and processes when creating and recreating works of art. Explain how art elements and principles are used in artworks to produce certain visual effects such as balance and textures.

Grade 7: Describe how the same subject matter such as portrait and landscape is represented differently in works of art across cultures and time periods. Demonstrate a variety of techniques to create the illusion of depth. Discuss and investigate how the arts have been supported throughout history.

Grade 8: Explain how social, cultural, religious, and political factors affect what artists, architects or designers create. Relate major works of art throughout time to the appropriate historical art movement. Demonstrate an enhanced level of craftsmanship in original two and three dimensional art work. Discuss and develop strategies for collaborative works of art.