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Second Grade


Using “Finding God”, children recognize God’s presence in their everyday lives. They learn how to be more like Christ, and further their relationship with God through the sacraments.  Students continue to participate during weekly Mass through song and prayer. Through age appropriate projects, children understand the different needs of those in their community.

Language Arts (Reading, English, Spelling and Phonics)

Throughout second grade, the children continue to develop reading comprehension strategies such as: drawing conclusions, cause & effect relationships, making inferences and using context clues. Students use these and other skills to analyze characters, setting and plot; and their relationship to each other.  The children will apply phonics skills to decode and spell words.

In English students will learn to apply grammar rules and mechanics in their own writing. By the end of second grade students will be able to write a six to eight sentence paragraph with proper grammar and punctuation.

The children learn these skills using the “McGraw-Hill Reading Wonders” program.


Second grade students begin the school year reviewing the proper technique to form manuscript letters and words. By the end of the year, second graders will apply the proper technique used to write letters and words in cursive.


The second grade math program “Math in Focus” teaches the children to add and subtract with and without regrouping up to 1,000. They learn strategies to help them solve multiplication and division facts through 10. Students will apply these strategies and models to solve simple and complex real world problems.


Through the study of science, second grade students will investigate various topics such as matter and simple machines.  Second grade students will explore the steps used to conduct a simple inquiry. Throughout the year, the children follow the design process to solve problems related to some of the themes in other areas of the curriculum.

Social Studies

In second grade the stage is set for students to examine history, economics, culture, citizenship, and geography.  Students will understand why we need government and how people made a difference long ago and today.  Using Macmillan/McGraw-Hill, People and Places, and Social Studies Weekly, students are able to make connections from the material to their own lives.