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The God Made Everything series is a comprehensive early childhood program complete with all the components and catechist support you need to nurture and enrich the faith and spiritual lives of children ages three, four and five. Each developmentally appropriate curriculum is carefully planned so that at completion, the children are ready to continue their faith journey.

English Language Arts/Reading Readiness

Happily Ever After Series

Happily Ever After is a readiness curriculum designed to prepare children for reading instruction. The series teaches a rich curriculum of early literacy skills. It focuses on oral language and vocabulary, fine motor skills, following directions and listening skills.


In mathematics, the 3 year olds will recognize shapes, make patterns, understand spatial relationship and recognize numbers. The 4 year olds and Pre-K students will count, recognize and trace numbers. The students will also learn number order, one-to-one correspondence, size comparison, patterning, geometric shapes, graphing, identifying one-half, addition and subtraction, counting money and use nonstandard linear measurement.


Through early science activities the children will explore the world around them. Thematic units are used to plan meaningful experiences in which children explore ideas, manipulate materials and engage in conversation to construct their own understanding of life science, physical science and earth science.

Social Studies

In preschool, everyday experiences and children’s interactions with others and their communities serve as the foundation for learning social studies. The children learn sense of self, culture, community, geography, citizenship and character education.