Mater Dei Academy

Mater Dei Academy

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Children will discover God’s great love, shown through the many gifts God has placed in their world.  Through the use of doctrine, scripture, songs, and liturgical celebrations, children will become aware of God’s presence in their everyday lives. Children will learn how to use their gifts for praise and worship of the Lord.


In kindergarten, there is a strong emphasis on letter recognition, phonics, and phonemic awareness. The focus is on building a foundation of core phonics and reading strategies to foster the beginning reader. The students are exposed to many different genres. Through fictional stories and informational text, the children go on many adventures and learn about the world around them.

Language Arts/ English

Students are taught how to form letters and numbers properly and are introduced to the writing process. They learn to write simple sentences using sight words and phonics to express their thoughts and opinions. Students will make informal presentations and convey their thoughts through speech.


The main focus of kindergarten mathematics is number sense. The students will be able to represent numbers in various ways, such as in ten frames, on graphs, and within equations. They will learn the foundations of place value, understand the structure of the calendar, work with patterns, and add and subtract within ten. Students will also use various thinking processes to solve problems, reason, communicate, and see connections in various mathematical operations.


Through the study of science, the students will observe and ask questions about the natural environment, describe daily and seasonal changes, understand the physical and behavioral traits of living things, and describe the properties of objects. The students will also learn the scientific process by planning and conducting simple investigations and participating in various STEM activities.

Social Studies

Students will learn about the beginning of our country through stories, pictures, and videos. They will learn to appreciate cultural symbols and holidays celebrated in the United States. Through hands on activities, the children will learn about saving money as well as spending money on needs and wants.