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First Grade


Series: Christ Our Life

The first grade religion program’s main focus is on children learning that God is our Father; and that He is good, kind and loving. He blesses us with many things. Through the use of scripture, songs and liturgical celebrations, the children will grow in their faith, life experience, and knowledge.


Reading/Language Arts

Series: McGraw-Hill “Wonders”

In the first grade reading program, students work on developing their reading while also improving their communication skills such as: speaking, listening, viewing, and researching.  There is strong emphasis on word recognition, phonemic awareness, and fluency.  By utilizing these skills, the students will be able to a build strong foundation of skills and strategies so they can be applied to their future learning experiences.

Students will begin to develop the skills needed for the writing process and apply these skills to the different forms of writing.  Students also develop their handwriting, spelling and grammar skills.



Series: Math in Focus

In Math, first graders will develop an understanding of numbers and number systems, understand the meaning of operations and develop strategies for the basic addition and subtraction facts.



Series: McGraw-Hill

Through the study of science, first grade students investigate the life stages of humans, the human body, animals and their habitats, trees, soil, water, and sunlight.  Through their investigations they will participate in many hands-on activities and keep a scientific journal.


Social Studies

Series: Macmillan/McGraw-Hill

In Social Studies, the first graders will learn about significant people, places, events, and issues of the past, helping them to understand present relationships and global conditions.  The children will also learn responsible behaviors that enable them to actively participate in our democratic society.