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 John Sciulla
Junior High Social Studies


Ohio University/Kent State University
Bachelor of Science in Education

Kent State University
Master of Education


Our students are tomorrow’s leaders; it is our duty as teachers, parents, and administrators to help them to develop the requisite skills for success not only in high school and in college, but also in life.  There is no greater responsibility than the nurturing and educating of our children.

I am proud to teach at Mater Dei Academy and will do my very best, everyday, with and through Jesus Christ, for our kids.


Rodney Daugherty
Junior High Math


The Ohio State University
Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education
Cleveland State University
Master in Educational Administration

When provided with a positive and conducive environment, a student’s curiosity will lead the learning. My purpose is to provide that environment and to act as a guide as students journey through school.

I enjoy working at Mater Dei Academy because every day is an exciting new adventure.



Tim Sheridan
Junior High Religion


Notre Dame College
Bachelor of Arts in Communications

Children are a gift from God and it takes a community to raise a child.  As a religion teacher and role model, I am entrusted with building upon and deepening our student catholic faith as well as providing them with the spiritual tools that will prepare them for life’s journey.

I love working at Mater Dei Academy because of the catholic values, our awesome students and the caring, supportive teachers and staff.


Kim Porter
Junior High Language Arts


Oberlin College
Bachelor of Arts in English
Marshall University
Master in Education
Lake Erie College
Reading Specialist K-12

The calling to teach is a sacred trust; God charges his teachers (along with parents) to recognize the potential in each child and to equip the child with tools to realize his or her potential, not only as a student, but as a person.

I love being able to be a living and active witness of my faith to my students; working at Mater Dei Academy provides a constant exercise in discipleship as we are all an integral part of a vibrant and vital faith community.


Mary Ridler
Junior High Science


Cleveland State University
Bachelor of Arts in Education

I believe that all children can learn in a nurturing classroom and that lessons need to be varied. Through solid community, faith, and education, all children can succeed.

I love working at Mater Dei Academy because the community, students, and staff are so supportive and truly care about the success of each individual!