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Physical Education

Physical Education is available to students once or twice a week depending on age group.

Pre-K: Students will be introduced to the following skills: throwing, catching, kicking, bouncing, and rolling a ball. Students will also practice running, jumping, hopping, skipping, galloping, and leaping.

Kindergarten: Students will be using different body parts to move in a variety of ways through stretching and movement games like rainbow tag and sharks and minnows. Students continue to practice running, jumping, hopping, skipping, galloping, sliding, and leaping.

Grade 1: Students will demonstrate competence of motor skills and movement patterns by throwing, catching, striking, kicking, and dribbling a ball in the course of playing various games such as pin knock down.

Grade 2: Students will work on the skills of throwing underhand, overhand, and with two-hands. They will also work on catching, striking, kicking a ball, and dribbling skills with both their hands and feet.

Grade 3: Students continue to fine tune the five basic manipulative skills of throwing, catching, striking, kicking and dribbling with drills and lead-up games such as, play pickle in the middle, basketball, soccer, and Frisbee.

Grade 4: Students will throw a variety of objects varying in size with increasing accuracy by aiming at a moving target-partner, rolling hoola-hoop, or pass to a specific area on the floor.

Grade 5: Students will apply thinking skills including: problem-solving, decision-making, and conceptualizing to a variety of non-locomotor and manipulative skills. Use a variety of game and sport skills in conventional or creative game settings like human knot.

Grade 6: Students will know the rules, strategies and appropriate behaviors for selected physical activities. They will demonstrate smooth transition and intentional changes in movement direction and flow with games such as Floor Hockey or Forearm Pass “Bump”.

Grade 7: Students will understand and demonstrate the principles of sending and receiving using different equipment. Combine previous knowledge to perform sports skills with control and accuracy. Analyze movement and suggest ways to produce more efficient movement.

Grade 8: Students will demonstrate competency in a variety of manipulative and non-locomotor skills by utilizing critical thinking skills and apply them to a variety of movement activities while participating in activities like volley ball, mat ball and capture the ring.