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Music is available to students once a week in the music room.

Students in grades Pre-K to 5 perform in a concert every year.

Pre-K:  “First Steps in Music”   Weekly lessons introduce singing skills, rhythmic skills, expressive movements and musical memory. “Freddy the Frog” will introduce us to music concepts like notes, beat, and lots of music fun!

Kindergarten:  “Music for Little Mozarts” Lessons include singing, listening, movement and rhythm activities plus music appreciation with “Fun with Composers”

Grade 1:  “Music for Little Mozarts”, level 2   Lessons include singing, listening, movement and rhythm activities.  Students in grade 1 also begin to read music.

Grade 2:  “Music for Little Mozarts”, level 3  Lessons include further development of singing, listening, movement and rhythm skills.  Students continue to develop music appreciation skills and learn to play “Boomwhackers”, tuned musical tubes.

Grade 3:  Students focus on music appreciation with instruments of the orchestra.  Students also learn to read and play music on the recorders.

Grade 4:  Music appreciation continues with a focus on singing skills.  American music and composers are studied including songs from Ohio history.  Students also learn about music from around the world and begin to have lessons in music theory.

Grade 5:  Students focus on learning about styles and forms of music from various historical periods such as Jazz and Blues & Swing music.


Students in grades 6-8 can participate in the MDA Drama Club which performs a musical every spring. 

Grade 6:  In this grade, students learn about music from different historical periods and also learn about the composers.  They start with the beginning of music and follow its development through the Romantic period.   They also study a living composer such as Andrew Lloyd Webber.

Grade 7:  Students focus on music’s interrelationship with other arts disciplines, using music to tell a story.  While listening to, singing along with, viewing and evaluating a wide variety of musicals ranging from the 1900’s to the present time, students are asked to think about how music in the U.S. is a reflection of our multifaceted society, and how we can judge the quality of a musical performance.  Students also look at possible careers in music and the preparation necessary for those careers.

Grade 8:  Further music appreciation is presented through many styles of music.  Students trace the history from the beginnings of Rock ‘n Roll in the mid-fifties to the present day.  Students also learn about music from the Civil War which correlates with their studies in Social Studies.