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Computer Education is available to students once a week in the computer lab.

Grades Pre-K through 2
In these grades, we begin with basic care and respect for the Computer Lab, the equipment, and each other. We then move on to basic mouse and keyboard skills. We use educational software such as Bailey’s Book House and Millie’s MathHouse to further develop Language Arts and Math skills.
By second grade, each student will be able to use proper finger position on the home row keys.

Grades 3-5
In these grades students begin to do more projects and multi-week assignments. The third grade begins spreadsheets and graphing, and they continue creating and editing personal narratives and practicing their Internet research skills. The fourth grade continues using what was learned in third, but concentrates on principles of good design layout and eye appeal when creating a media project. Fifth grade spends a good portion of the year building on the design concepts learned in fourth grade. Their project is to create a tri-fold brochure intended to promote and its positive attributes.

Grades 6-8
Sixth grade students work on a mini research project where they learn to properly credit their online resources. They also work on creating a personal timeline. Seventh grade continues with researching topics and looking deeper for online information. Their projects will allow us to create a podcast and slideshow. In eighth grade students work on the project, Welcome to the Real World! They are asked to use all the skills they have learned throughout the years such as, keyboarding, spreadsheets, research, slideshow presentations, and more. In this project, students choose a career, earn a salary, pay bills weekly, and in the process demonstrate their computer skills.