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Mater Dei Academy

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Fourth Grade


Third grade students focus on the Gospel message of Jesus and reflect on the Trinity as Mystery.  They will be able to identify the sacraments of initiation, healing, and service.  They will use a variety of prayer forms and understand how the Holy Spirit works in the parish community.  Students will be able to recognize the ways in which the Church promotes justice.


Students will use their knowledge of letter patterns to become even better at reading and will use their knowledge of word parts, word order, context, and features of text to determine the meaning of a reading passage.  Students will also learn to use context clues to determine the meaning of new vocabulary encountered in reading.  They will be able to identify the main idea of a passage and provide an oral or written summary of what they read.


Students learn to add and subtract five digit numbers with regrouping and borrowing.  They also learn multiplication and division.  They use measurement, data collection, graphing, number bonds and bar modeling to solve various math problems including single and multiple step story problems.

English/ Language Arts

Students become proficient in using correct sentence structure and proceed through the writing process to develop and publish student created pieces.  Students also continue to build up their public speaking skills through various presentations.


Third graders will demonstrate an understanding of the composition of the universe, the solar system, and Earth.  They will understand the composition of physical systems and how living organisms function and interact within the ecosystem.  Students will use the scientific inquiry to ask questions, gather information, and make predictions.  Students will identify body systems and their functions.  They will also use the periodic table to explore food nutrients and learn about making healthy choices.

Social Studies

Students will learn how our Catholic traditions and values are evident in cultures throughout history and how the Social Justice Teachings of the Catholic Church have had an impact on the world.  They will learn about communities around the world, how they have changed over time, and that citizens in a democracy have roles and responsibilities.  Students will work on their map skills by learning to use a map key, a compass, and by identifying different types of landforms.  They will understand that climate affects people’s daily lives.